Get some class.

Welcome to PU – Ridgeway’s Plumbing University – where many of Ridgeway's employees come regularly to “Get Some Class”

Welcome to PU – Ridgeway’s Plumbing University – where our employees go regularly to “Get Some Class”. We offer the tools, training, and assistance that encourage success. Our PU training program is designed to improve our plumbing skills and code knowledge, and to keep abreast of the latest industry changes.

Our modern, well-equipped classroom is host to a myriad of training courses, each specifically designed to give employees the tools and knowledge they need in order to meet the demands and challenges of the construction industry.

Unless otherwise noted, classes are held in our classroom at our Boynton Beach facility.


Courses at PU include:

Courses at PU include:

16 hr. entry-level program. Learn basics of plumbing, materials, and installation techniques designed to make you more effective on the job. Includes jobsite field trips

Residential Plumbing Design
How to properly and efficiently layout drainage and water systems in the field

Journeyman Prep
Comprehensive preparation course for the Journeyman’s license exam

Product Improvement Workshop
Quality-based training for the field installer - includes common service issues, mold awareness, new products and methods. Mandatory course for all Ridgeway field personnel

Making Perfect Joints
Hands-on training for proper joint-making techniques - including plastic and copper joints, specialty joints, and fixture installations. Mandatory course for all Ridgeway field personnel

PEX Piping the Right Way
Learn the Ridgeway method of PEX water system installations. System design, crimping techniques, strapping and supports. Required for all PEX installers

Backstage Ridgeway
Explore the office, warehouse, and fleet departments to see how Ridgeway’s inside staff works to support the field crews. A great overview of Ridgeway operations. Very popular

Introduction to the Florida Code
Learn the latest requirements of the Florida Plumbing Code and Florida Residential Code

Foreman Workshop
Designed to keep field supervisors up-to-date with new products, techniques, and paperwork

Backhoe Boot Camp
Basic operation of backhoes, including field maintenance and safe transport. Includes hands-on time on the backhoe

Understanding Firestopping
Learn the code requirements for firestopping of plumbing penetrations in multi-family buildings

Accessibility Code
Learn the latest building code and ADA requirements pertaining to plumbing fixture installations