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Why Pex

Why Pex?
Today's competitive construction environment calls for piping systems that are trouble-free, cost-effective, and easy to install. Water damage and the resulting mold, whatever the cause, is simply unacceptable. Flexible PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing offers a 21st century approach to water piping.

PEX advantages include:

  • Superior joints - PEX crimp joints are easy to make, verifiable, and stronger than the pipe itself, with no messy glue or soldering
  • Better flow - fewer fittings & changes of direction than copper or CPVC systems
  • Faster hot water delivery - enables direct routing to kitchens/master baths
  • Less rework - piping is run overhead, not in-slab; less prone to damage by other trades
  • Cleaner and corrosion-resistant - no flux, solder or trash in lines to affect fixtures
  • Color-coded for easy hot/cold identification - no more crossed lines, ever!
  • Quiet operation
  • Simplified testing and repairs
  • Lower cost when compared to traditional copper systems


The "PEX-perts"
Ridgeway has successfully installed thousands of PEX water systems, more than any other plumber in Florida. All installers are fully trained in-house, and every Ridgeway house undergoes multiple quality checks. Our PEX piping is multi-layer, UV and chlorine resistant, and meets all codes. We use crimp-style fittings with copper stub-outs. It's easy to see why PEX piping is the top choice among all of the major homebuilders.


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